Center Pivot Irrigation System

Center Pivot & Linear Irrigation Equipment

Valmont’s “Valley” irrigation technology has changed the face of the earth.  Center Pivots and

Linear Move Systems preserve our food supply, conserve our water, and make life easier and

more profitable for those who grow our world’s food.  Valley center pivots were the first in the

industry, and continue to remain the industry leader.  More than fifty years of engineering, testing,

and grower feedback have helped us to create the pivots that we sell today.

Center pivot and linear move systems are closely related – they both use a motorized drive unit

tower/overhead sprinkler span concept, and they use similarly sized drive unit/spans and

equipment for comparable acreages.  The main difference between them is the mode of travel.

While the center pivot travels in a circular direction, the linear moves up and down a field, often

making it the preferred option for square or rectangular fields.  No matter which machine is

chosen, it can be assured that Valley is the most reliable machine on the market.

The Valley Irrigation systems have proven worldwide to be the most cost effective and efficient

irrigation systems over the last few decades.  Our machines come in various sizes and

denominations, they are modular and could be configured to provide cost effective solutions to

small farmers (starting from 5 acres) to large, world competitive agricultural projects.  The crops

under Mechanical Move Irrigation (MMI) are uniformly spoon-fed water and nutrients through the system in precise quantities at just the right time resulting in significantly increased yields and high-quality produce.  This technology has been successfully implemented in over one hundred countries, irrigating various crops such as cereals, vegetables, forage, fiber crops, orchards etc.  Since the conception over fifty years ago, Valley machines have proved their durability with outstanding performance over their twenty-five-to-thirty-year lifespan.

MMI was commercially introduced by Valmont in 1954 and has successfully been improved with innovations which has allowed modern farmers of the world today to expect yields of 70 – 110 maunds of wheat per acre, 120 – 190 maunds of corn (maize) and 1,200 -2,000 maunds of sugarcane per acre. Today, rice production under center pivots is indicating water savings up to 70% compared to paddy rice production

Valley Irrigation is the first company to successfully deliver and install High Efficiency Mechanical

Move Irrigation Systems in Pakistan. Valley Irrigation participates in every High Efficiency

Irrigation Program in the Country and to date has installed 94 center pivot systems irrigating over 7,800 acres.

Video: Introduction to Center Pivot Irrigation System