Center Drive

Built Stronger, Lasts Longer and Uses Less Energy

Gain proven irrigation performance with the Valley center drive. It’s engineered to keep your center pivots and linears running for years to come. Adding to its strength and performance, our standard-speed center drive has the lowest power requirements in the irrigation industry, due to its efficient and durable helical gearbox, and its efficient, powerful motor.

Center Drive Features

  • Added strength: Steel gears provide more strength than powdered metal
  • Longer motor life: Aluminum finned housing runs 20° F cooler and there’s no paint to chip, scratch or corrode
  • Less corrosion: Internally vented junction box prevents moisture and contaminants from corroding the wire connections
  • Extended performance: Crop guard protects shaft seals
  • Improved reliability: Integral pinion gear eliminates coupler to improve reliability
  • Quieter operation: Helical gears create more tooth contact than spur gears, delivering greater torque capacity and quieter operation
  • Greater torque capacity: Special motor windings mean 40% higher operating torque than the competition

Center Drive Specifications

Extra-large intermediate gear bearings Assure longer life.
25° tooth angles Provide 40% greater load capacity and wear resistance than other manufacturers’ 14 1/2º tooth angles.
Built-in crop guard over U-joint Prevents crop wrapping in or near oil seals.
Double reduction gearing Requires fewer gears, shafts, and bearings for greater reliability and efficiency.
Stator Can be replaced independent of rotor, and is held in place with corrosion-resistant, stainless steel bolts for easy maintenance.
Valley-exclusive coating Applied to internal surfaces to prevent corrosion.
Watertight seal Between housing components.
Finned aluminum housing For cool-running efficiency. Operates at temperatures 20° F (11° C) lower than comparable motors with steel housing because the Valley aluminum housing and fins dissipate heat more effectively. This doubles insulation life and increases motor life.
Case-hardened steel helical gears More teeth meshed at all times for smoother power transmission.
Drain plug Easily accessible, extra large.

Your Premium Traction and Flotation Solution Option

Overcoming traction challenges due to ever-changing field conditions has never been easier. The Valley Articulating 4-Wheel Drive is designed to conform to your field, making deep wheel ruts and stuck pivots a thing of the past.

Top-of-the-Line Center Pivot for Long, Durable Life

It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, rely on our Model 8000 center pivot to help you manage your farming operation and give you one less thing to worry about.