Irrigation Sprinklers

Custom Farm Irrigation Sprinkler Packages

There are many options for farm sprinkler packages, and our dealers are experts at matching irrigation systems and sprinkler solutions. When you’re ready to have your center pivot sprinkler package custom-designed for your field, your dealer will ask:

What are your soil type and texture?

Proper sprinkler irrigation design helps reduce soil sealing with medium to heavy soils. The answers to the length of time, water flow rate, and frequency of irrigating often start with determining the characteristics of the soil in each field. The speed at which water is applied from a farm irrigation sprinkler is usually determined by the requirements of the soil type.

What crops will you grow?

Crop height is an important factor in sprinkler irrigation system package design to ensure maximum uniformity. The type of crops grown is also used to determine the machine flow rate. The watering requirements of each crop are also determined by their stage of growth. Valley Irrigation can help determine a suitable irrigation water source, sprinkler irrigation system, and water flow rates for every type of crop.

How would you describe your field’s terrain?

The slope and topography of your field is also a major consideration when selecting the best farm irrigation sprinkler for your farm. The combination of soil type and slope in a field is a big factor in determining the sprinkler system that is best able to minimize runoff.

Spacing is Critical

Each sprinkler applicator must be positioned correctly to maximize water application efficiency, and the overlap of the sprinkler pattern is a critical factor in maximizing water uniformity insuring your crops are getting the water they need. Correct sprinkler spacing is achieved through Valley’s computer program VChart ensuring uniform application once the sprinkler systems are installed in your field.

Low-Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy

Low-pressure sprinkler technology provides solutions that lower your energy bill because you irrigate at a lower water pressure. You can effectively operate center pivot irrigation sprinklers at 10-20 PSI, which is significantly lower and more efficient than previous generations of sprinklers. Your local Valley dealer will work with you to select the correct sprinkler package design to decrease soil compaction, reduce sealing and, create excellent irrigation water uniformity.

Crop Protection Products and Fertilizers Can Be Applied

Growers like you can realize substantial savings when crop protection products and fertilizers are applied through center pivots and linear irrigation systems, rather than via ground rigs or aerial sprays. This is especially true in the case of crops that require several applications in the course of a season.

Smart Sprinkler Irrigation System

Combine the best in farm irrigation sprinkler systems with precision control that comes with Valley technology. Patented Valley Irrigation VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) allows you to customize water applications based on topography information, soil data maps, yield data, and other user-defined information. By placing the right amount of water in the right place, you can avoid watering in unnecessary areas such as ditches, canals, buildings, and boggy areas.

VRI Prescriptions

Your prescription is the precision agriculture resource that tells your center pivot when and where to adjust the application depth in specific sectors or management zones in your field.

Valley VRI Speed Control

With speed control, your customized VRI prescription speeds up or slows down the center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector.

VRI Zone Control

Ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields. This includes varying topography, ditches, bogs, varying soil types, and canals. By breaking your sprinkler package into zones, you can create more than 5,000 sectors in your field to micromanage water applications – each based on your needs.

Valley VRI-iS

Valley®  VRI Individual Sprinkler control (VRI-iS) gives you the greatest level of control in center pivot water application – down to each individual sprinkler. It gives you peace of mind knowing you’re using valuable water resources wisely.

Farm Irrigation Sprinklers

We’ve listened to your needs, and we continue to offer various sprinkler options to fit your field and your machine:

Nelson® Sprinklers

Nelson®  Irrigation offers a full line of sprinkler irrigation products including pivot sprinklers, pressure regulators, and end of pivot gun, and control valves. Unmatched farm irrigation sprinklers designed for your specific field conditions and crops that result in higher crop yields and quality at harvest.

Senninger® Sprinklers

Senninger®  Irrigation has been developing water and energy-efficient farm irrigation sprinklers for over 50 years. Valley® Irrigation offers high-performance sprinkler options, pressure regulators, and their products to help ensure water is distributed uniformly and with low application intensity – protecting your soil, crops, and savings.

Komet Sprinklers

Komet Irrigation is a family company that has been innovating agricultural sprinklers for more than 60 years. The culmination of experience and focus on mechanized agricultural irrigation systems includes innovative sprinkler products designed to fit any irrigation system, water supply, and field application.