Grain Trac®

Monitor Your Grain Bin Temperature

Grain Trac takes the worry out of grain storage and cuts back on the number of times you have to visit your bin sites by remotely monitoring grain temperature. Customized notifications alert you to grain bin “hot spots” before damage has been done.

What are the Benefits of Grain Trac?

  • Real-time grain temperature information, or access to historical reports
  • Identifies the start of hot spots before grain damage occurs
  • Helps make storage decisions
  • Saves time needed for driving, climbing and record keeping
  • Reads most temperature cables available, including Boone, Tri States Grain, and most versions of OPI
  • Saves energy costs and prevents loss of weight per bushel from over-aeration
  • Readings taken every 30 minutes (or sooner if requested)
  • Theft monitoring alerts
  • Optional weather sensors can monitor humidity, rainfall and wind
  • Fan control optional

Theft Monitoring

  • Grain Trac from Valley includes a theft monitoring circuit that can alert you via phone and emailwhen your grain handling system starts or stops. These alerts also help you stay updated about the progress of trucks loading or unloading during harvest or when your operation is selling grain.

Smarter irrigation begins with smart panels.

Valley offers a full line of easy-to-use control panels, including the Valley ICON®  series of smart panels. Whether you’re buying a new pivot, upgrading your existing control panel or changing over from another brand of pivot, you save time and gain confidence from the intuitive, full-color touchscreen interface.

Our control panels are designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures, high humidity and transient voltage requirements. They provide you with uninterrupted performance and durability to keep your center pivots running year after year.

Own Your Tomorrow: Valley 365®

Own your tomorrow with Valley 365. This single-source platform unites the best features of our top-rated remote management tools so you can harness the power of your data for greater profitability.

Valley 365 brings together the full functionality of existing technology like AgSense®, Valley Scheduling™, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and Valley Insights™. Fully integrating these tools into one location, you have access to everything you need for connected crop management – with a single sign on.