Valley 365®

Own Your Tomorrow

Valley 365®  is the next-level solution for connected crop management. Take your farming technology solutions full circle with this single sign-on platform that unites the best features of our top-rated remote management solutions into one easy-to-use interface.

Valley Connected Crop Management

We’ve integrated the functionality of existing technology like AgSense®, Valley Scheduling™ and Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) into one location, with additional access to Valley Insights™. Now you can access everything you need for crop management with a single sign-on. Valley 365 offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience, making it easier for you to harness the power of your data for greater profitability.

Single Sign-On

Valley 365 gives you all the information you need right up front. It’s the ultimate command center for full access to Valley technology and real-time data from three core areas within the ag ecosystem – Equipment, Environment and Agronomy.

Connecting the ecosystem allows growers to identify a problem, determine which areas of the operation are affected, and execute the necessary changes to ensure optimum yield with minimum resource investment. The data is organized into intuitive modules within Valley 365:

Forecast & Plan


Informed decisions require complete data. You can Forecast & Plan your water delivery better with Valley Scheduling technology. This is award-winning irrigation management proven to improve water application, save money and increase productivity on more than 5 million acres worldwide.

View data on soil moisture, crop type, stage of development and automatically updated weather information. Then get easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on real data from your fields – precise information that competitors can’t promise. The recommendations are delivered right to a simple dashboard on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Monitor & Control


Once you make irrigation decisions, you need to be sure they are implemented correctly. The tried-and-true power of AgSense technology gives you greater control in real time so you can manage everything from your pumps to your pivots and more.

When you can Monitor & Control your irrigation from anywhere at any time, you have the freedom to spend time on other duties around the farm, or on family activities you used to miss.

Optimize & Apply


Every field is different. Even within fields, there are variations in soil type and topography. With Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), you Optimize & Apply your water in the most accurate way possible, based on field-specific irrigation prescriptions.

Reduce over-watering, under-watering and runoff, and be more precise with water and chemical application through your pivots, avoiding unnecessary areas of your fields, such as ditches, buildings or low areas. Valley VRI helps you maintain the health of the plant and maximize yield potential everywhere in your fields. Plus, as more restrictions on water use go into effect, VRI helps conserve water and apply only where and how much needed.

Plus, Get Access to Valley Insights from Valley 365

Growers still like to walk the fields, but not every potential issue is visible soon enough or with the naked eye. Using various types of imagery and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, Valley Insights, powered by Prospera, virtually scouts your fields.

Then we alert you to crop health concerns and irrigation issues so you can take immediate action – before damage occurs. You can use Valley Insights to adjust your pivots, maintain crop uniformity, and reduce overall input costs by focusing on the relevant areas of your fields.

* Plant Insights is only available in select regions


“We have another eye out there, so we can make corrections before we see stress on our crops with the naked eye. We can fix minor issues before they become major problems.”


NEW! Machine Diagnostics*

Maximize uptime with Machine Diagnostics, the latest industry-leading technology in Valley 365. Strategically placed sensors will send an alert through Valley 365 directly to your device and pinpoint exactly where a pivot fault has occurred. You won’t have to walk your pivot to know which tire is flat, what tower is out of alignment, or if there is a loss in pressure along the machine.


Alignment – Know which tower is out of alignment before arriving at the pivot.


Tire Pressure – Stay informed of tire pressure status at each tower.


Motor & Gearbox – Monitor individual drive train runtime and receive X-Tec® fault detection alerts with status details to help minimize troubleshooting downtime.


Water Application – Monitor your pivot’s water pressure at each tower to assure uniform application in varying terrain.


Learn more about Machine Diagnostics and how it can work for you.

* Limited availability. Restrictions may apply.

Constant Innovation from the Irrigation Leader

Valley 365 isn’t a replacement for the technologies you’ve come to rely on for your irrigation, it simplifies how you use them.

Valley technologies support the strength of our industry-leading pivot structures. The pivot is the key source of water delivery, which remains the number one determinant of crop yield and is an integral part of connected crop management.

Combining technologies you know and trust with new technologies that will help you grow, Valley will be there for all your operational needs. Advanced technology from Valley helps you optimize the data you need, when and where you want it.

For the Future of Your Farm

At Valley, we invest in technology because we’re invested in the future of our growers. Valley 365 will expand and evolve as the market – and your operation – demands. It’s irrigation management that grows with you.

Efficient – Existing applications will seamlessly integrate, allowing you to use a single sign-on to access all solutions.

Accessible – This end-to-end cloud-based platform offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience, anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent – Leverage equipment, environment and agronomy data more effectively, in real time.

Scalable – This innovative software solution will enable you to add features effortlessly, and is customizable based on your changing needs.

Secure – Built upon the latest cloud-based technology, it provides unlimited data storage, offers enhanced support capability and is extremely secure.

Certified Ag Data Transparent

As your technology provider, we are committed to the privacy of growers’ ag data and proud to report that Valley 365 is certified Ag Data Transparent (ADT). ADT certifica­tion is a symbol of trust and security in the agriculture industry, and means that Valley 365 adheres to a strict set of core principles governing how technology providers collect, use, store and transfer growers’ ag data.

Control Your Operation – Anytime, Anywhere