EnviroMonitor Gateway

✅ Collects all essential data from EnviroMonitor Nodes and pushes it securely to the Cloud server via LTE cellular connectivity.
✅ Access your data on your phone, tablet and computer on WeatherLink.com, WeatherLink mobile app and the ag-focused Mobilize app, 24/7.
✅ Add up to 32 Nodes with up to four sensors each and any cabled Vantage Pro2 sensor suite; choose from 100+ Davis and third-party sensors.
✅ 5-watt solar panel provides ample power; rechargeable 6-volt provides backup.
✅ On WeatherLink.com, set alarms and email notification for high and low weather conditions.
✅ Self-contained in a weather-resistant shelter that protects electronics.
✅ Add 8 dBi Long-Range Antenna (7678) to get communication range of up to 10,000’/3,000m.
✅ EnviroMonitor App walks you through easy installation using your phone’s Bluetooth function.
✅ For use in the United States only. One-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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